Website Creation - Small to Medium Business

When I'm not running UX teams for enterprise companies, I work with small to medium business owners to create their mobile-friendly websites. My clients range from individual artists and bodyworkers to larger companies in the financial and EdTech spaces.


Seeing Through the Hands Studio | Brooklyn, NY

Project req: Creating an updated online presence  for NY-based massage therapist and personal trainer that would attract a more affluent audience

Tasks included:

  • Completely revamping outdated content and messaging
  • Creating new site map
  • Developing new copy
  • Designing and creating mobile-friendly website 
  • Integrating Schedulicity tool into desktop web page for online scheduling
  • Changing domain DNS, and relaunching site via
  • Writing newsletter announcing new site, pricing, and seasonal content


Ostara Luna Farm | Ashfield, MA

Project req: Brand and online presence for new women-owned farm

Tasks included:

  • Brand strategy and art direction on farm name and logo identity
  • Content development (writing and organization)
  • Mobile-friendly website, ready for e-commerce in the near future
  • Photo credit for all images except one to Nova Wehman-Brown (me)
  • Robin Eggs in Nest photo credit to Sarah Raab


Good Harbor Partners | Boston, MA

Project req: Updated online presence for EdTech company

Tasks included:

  • Created new look and feel for Good Harbor Partners brand
  • Reskinned all content into a new design on Wix platform for new mobile-friendly site




Author Grover Wehman-Brown | Western MA

Project req: Author page website 

Tasks included:

  • Creating one-page author site to showcase articles, bio, and contact
  • Mobile-friendly website